will+cageI am a broadly trained population and community ecologist interested in how plant phenotypic diversity influences herbivores and their interactions with predators in natural and agricultural ecosystems. My research links ecological patterns at the scale of populations and communities with processes at the level of individual organisms. I do this by drawing on diverse disciplines, including plant chemistry, animal physiology and behavior, and population and community dynamics, and by using mathematical and statistical modeling to link theory, laboratory studies, and field data.

CV pdf and Google Scholar profile

I am a postdoctoral scholar with Jennifer Thaler at Cornell University in the Departments of Entomology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. My PhD was in Population Biology with Donald Strong at the University of California, Davis.

In October 2016, I start as an assistant professor in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University. Please email me if you’re interested in joining my lab. I’ll be advertising positions in the coming weeks.